The other day while at a Hawaiian event I was approached by a couple. Ok, I’m not going to lie, this happens often and I am prepared to respond with a flurry of templates that begin to calculate in my head as people approach me. Within that split second, I’m also calculating, “Do I know these folks? Have I seen them before or did they attend a show? Are they former students of mine?”

So the couple approaches and we begin “The Dance”

Couple: Patrick we really enjoy what you do

Me: Thank You, where are you from?

Couple: We are from the South Bay and we’ve seen you all around. We know you’ve been doing shows here and on the islands and just impressed with your dedication.

Me: Mahalo for your support and always good to see you..

Couple: We’re just so excited to see you in person, can we take a picture with you?

Me: ABSOLUTELY! Give me your camera and I’ll take a selfie…

Couple: (After the photo) Thank you Patrick! Please be sure to send our regards to your Halau, you have such BEAUTIFUL Dancers….

Me thinking ALOUD in my head: Should I tell them I’m not Kumu Hula Patrick Makuakane or should I just suck it up, again, and save the story as yet ANOTHER conversation starter for when I do see Kumu Patrick.

You just gotta love it! Much love to Kumu Patrick and Nā Lei Hulu I Ka Wēkiu!

Aloha Everywhere…

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